“We have the power to be whole again.”
~ Kathy Hagler
Kathy Hagler with her mentor, Edwards Deming

Her Mentors

Dr. Hagler studied and worked with management luminaries Peter Drucker and Dr. W. Edwards Deming. Drawing on this foundation of both theory and practice, she developed the relationship-focused model of Organizational Culture, Climate, and Character, which has revolutionized organizations in major sectors across the country. This model takes a holistic view of organizational health, in which every organization is a living entity built from individuals and their relationships. For the past forty years, Kathy has built a legacy through her consultancy practice, K2OHSOLUTIONS. Guiding clients toward transparency, resilience, mindfulness, loving-kindness, and alignment of purpose is the hallmark of the organization and its consulting team.

Kathy Hagler and the K2OHSOLUTIONS™ Focus

Dr. Hagler is an industry leader in business development, strategic planning, organizational culture management, leadership coaching, change management, and management consulting. She and the K2OH team are certified in industry tools including:

  • AQ® Foundation Practitioner™
  • AQ® Level 2 Professional
  • Human Synergistics-Culture and Leadership Assessment and Coaching
  • Strategic Doing™
  • Team Alchemy™
  • Carver Board Training
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Psych-K
  • DiSC
  • Business Model Canvas and Value Proposition Canvas by Strategyzer
  • Advanced Neuro Linguistic Programming
K2OH Organizational Character Culture Wheel

The K2OHSOLUTIONS™ Organizations of Character Model©

The Organizations of Character Model embodies our belief that culture drives every aspect of development, learning, execution, and reflection. This model was created from forty years of practice in learning and growing with clients. It is the cornerstone of how we heal the brokenness of organizations and guide them to transformation.

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